I'd consider myself a rather active person - of course, if "active" could also describe actively inhaling five sweet potatoes or actively playing my Pokemon game for a consecutive number of hours that I would rather not disclose to the general public (or my mom). In terms of being an "active" athlete or an "active" enthusiast for the gym, please swipe left and move on to someone who has enough self control to stop eating pretzels after the recommended amount (not the entire rest of the bucket).

Therefore, my active and rather ambitious (as you may infer from the formerly mentioned) pursuit to attempt to bike across a bridge and to the boardwalk was out of both character and body capacity. Regardless, on the 18th I dragged asked my cousin her thoughts on attempting to bike to the boardwalk to which she responded "sure". "Sure", of course, did not foreshadow the ensuing throbbing in my thighs and desperate attempt to save myself whilst climbing up the stairs by clinging onto the railing, or the confusion of whether i was drenched in tears or sweat after the ride. hah. I'm half kidding.

Anyway, these are snapshots from our bike ride via my film camera - which I am still trying to get used to. I hope you enjoy!